Dream hotels in Venice

A romantic stay in a luxury hotel overlooking the Lagoon

You may not know it but I’m no good at coping with all the attention in the luxury hotels I sometimes find myself in. – Paul Theroux

Sleep sweet sleep in Venice! Especially when you decide to stay in a dream hotel. And dream hotels in Venice are certainly not a rarity, because Venice itself is a dream world, both day and night.

Venice is a dream when you are walking through its Calli and Campi, when at every step you come across a bridge or a canal, when entering any church walls emanate art and faith of people like Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Veronese, Bellini and Jacopo Palma il Giovane. In the evening, the dreamlike atmosphere is increased by play of light and dark shades, the shadows and the lights projected into the water, the muted sounds of the night. And  this is exactly when indulging in the pleasure of staying in a luxury hotel in Venice is the icing on the cake. Or rather, the diamond in the crown.

Venice’s luxury hotels are magical places, dreamlike locations, all housed in old mansions and palaces. Entering the lobby of the Danieli, the Boscolo, the Baglioni or Ca’ Segredo means taking a plunge into 18th century Venice, when the Venetian Republic was at its peak. Crossing the threshold is like taking a journey into the past, but sacrificing the pleasures of 21st century comforts. The common areas and rooms of the luxury hotels of Venice are decorated by the great painters who have worked for the Doges and Venetian nobles, have corners, shrines and ceilings enriched by precious Murano glass, have impressive staircases and arches designed by architects of world renown. But at the same time, they are equipped with all modern comforts, the most sophisticated technologies, the most luxurious Spas, the most personalized services, the finest déjeuners prepared by chefs of international fame.

Those who choose one of these hotels for their stay in Venice, will surely experience a dream within the dream, like a black pearl in its mother-of-pearl shell, iridescent and white.

Bauer Il Palazzo

A refined and luxurious environment, an intimate and charming atmosphere, finely inlaid ceilings, breathtaking views of the Grand Canal, characterize Bauer Il Palazzo in Venice, one of the most popular luxury hotels of the city. Bauer Il Palazzo, 5 star luxury hotel in Venice, housed in an authentic 18th century Venetian-style palace which features a […]

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Hotel Cipriani & Palazzo Vendramin

The view from the windows at Hotel Cipriani in Venice looks like a painting by Canaletto, with the bell tower of St. Mark’s Square standing majestic next to the Doge’s Palace and the dome of Santa Maria della Salute in all its beauty to the right. Hotel Cipriani, 5-star luxury hotel in Venice, boasts a […]

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Centurion Palace

During the restoration of the beautiful building that was once known as the Palazzo Genovese in Venice, in the heart of the hotel a coin of Antinous is found by chance, a character dear to the emperor Hadrian, in whose honor the Hotel under construction will be named Centurion Palace. Overlooking the Grand Canal and […]

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Hotel Danieli

Hotel Danieli luxurious rooms overlooking the Lagoon are one of those things internationally recognized for Excellence. The hotel is an architectural gem dating back to the 1300s, restored several times over the centuries, has maintained the splendor and richness of its decorations, the magic of old Venice atmosphere, the nobility of a Country at the […]

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Luna Hotel Baglioni

Venice is a special city, that knows how to be romantic. However, this city has places that can give voice, or rather a whisper, to this feeling. Venice Luna Hotel Baglioni is one of these places, capable of amplifying emotions. Just try to imagine what it might mean to reach the hotel entrance on a […]

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Boscolo Venezia

If you’re looking for a place where elegance meets simplicity, good taste meets history and richness blends with sobriety, then the only choice for your stay in Venice is Hotel Boscolo Venezia. This is a luxury hotel in the heart of Venice, but quite far from the whirlwind of the most crowded streets, where thousands […]

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Ca’ Sagredo Hotel

A Stay at Ca’ Sagredo is a privilege. A privilege that comes from being able to enjoy usual daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, relaxing, chatting, taking care of your body, completely surrounded by works of art. Because here, works of art are the stairs leading to the rooms and so the frescoed rooms themselves, […]

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