Anecdotes, news, curiosities and notes from Venice

Giacomo Casanova’s Venice

In the 18th century, Venice gradually sees the crack in its political and military power. It is no longer the marine power that dominated the Mediterranean and the lands on its border, now Austria and Spain rule the roost around Europe. In this situation Venice chooses the path of isolation and neutrality, closing in on […]

Typical Dishes of Venetian Cuisine

April 25th is a very important date for Venice: on that day St. Mark’s torture is commemorated, to remember the day when he was killed in Alexandria in the second half of the 1st century AD. In the past, at the end of the commemoration procession (which still today takes place in presence of the […]

The Carnival of Venice between tradition and modernity

The celebration of the Carnival of Venice the day preceding Lent as a festivity dates back to 1928, as established by a decree of the Senate of the Venetian Republic, led by Doge Falier at the time. However, already in the year one thousand people used to “loudly” celebrate the period between the end of […]

Venice Film Festival

Gravity, the new film directed by Alfonso Cuarón starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney will be the opening film of the Venice Film Festival, held from August 28th to September 7th. The film, out of competition, will be screened on August 28th in the Sala Grande of the Palazzo del Cinema at the Lido. The […]

Festivals, Events and Unmissable Appointments in Venice

Venice has always been a very fashionable and fun-loving city. During the year, between religious events and secular festivals, it is a series of events involving citizens and tourists since ancient times: in short, for several centuries Venice takes advantage of every possible opportunity to have fun and to remind itself and to the world […]

The Great Schools, Venice Art Treasures

Starting from the second half of 1200 and until 1500, in Venice were formed lay fraternities of citizens who gathered in so called Scuole. Some of these associated artisans and merchants of different professions, the Scuole di Arti e Mestieri, others, called Scuole Grandi, were government agencies said of devotion, founded in the name of […]

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